NIH - Oxford

National Institutes of Health Investigator:
Stefan Muljo
University Professor:
Copley, Richard
Student Name:

Primary Research Area:
Genetics and Epidemiology
Secondary Research Area:
Immunology and Infectious Disease

Systematic Modeling of Genetic Regulatory Networks

Despite marked advances in decoding the human genome and epigenome, in general, our ability to translate vertebrate genotypes to phenotypes remains primitive. We will apply a multi-disciplinary approach that includes genetics, genomics and computational biology to generate predictive models of regulatory networks to aid our understanding of genetic programming. Our interests include alternative splicing, transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory networks that underlie the cellular differentiation and function in the hematopoietic and immune system in health and disease. The goal of this collaboration is to generate a framework to understand how hematopoietic stems cells are programmed to differentiate into effector cells in the immune system. However, the specific project design is highly flexible and can be customized in collaboration with the student and the two mentors. We simply seek a highly independent, motivated and creative individual who can design, execute and analyze experiments to address important biomedical questions.